Hello and welcome to the blog for Hatchizzi! I created this blog site for our customers and the passerby'ers to get to know me and my fiance as well as truly connect with us on more of a personal level. We're not just hiding out there in cyper space, but are real people with real dreams of making Hatchizzi grow into a flourishing company!
My fiance has been known to help make some of the jewelry, but only to help so orders can continue being shipped out in a timely manner! Bookmark us and check back frequently, not only will you read about our lives, our business but you will also get coupon codes to blog viewers ONLY!
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Our newest talent!

With our upcoming wedding literally around the corner, our creative juices are turned on full throttle! We stumbled upon a problem our guests might potentially have, which is actually finding the correct ceremony and reception site. What better than having cute handmade signs that fit our vintage lake theme!!

I figured I would blog about the process to show how much detail goes into making one of these unique handmade creations! I also want my customers to know that this beautiful banner could possibly be an accessorie at your wedding too!! All you have to do is contact me at one of my websites or via email, hatchizzi@yahoo.com so we can chit chat about the hopes you have for your wedding. Then I can use those ideas to create your one of a kind banner!
These banners come in any color imaginable, and size, and at any length. The font, color, size, length, ribbon, design etc is all customize to your liking and up to you! Too much to consider, I can make suggestions to assist you and help you through the process, because the last thing a bride needs is another thing to worry about!!Below are just a few font options: